My husband left me my first Springer when he died in 1991.  In fact, he chose Sierra
Femme Fatale, “Cleo,” the week he died.  Always a great gift-giver, he outdid himself with
this gesture.        
"Cleo" is the foundation of Cerise, a fairly young kennel, established in 1997.  My love for
the English Springer has grown throughout these years and I share this passion with all the
people who care for and love the dogs I breed.  
I have worked to produce a representation of the breed that mirrors the AKC standard of
the English Springer.  First and foremost I am proud of the wonderful temperaments that
make these dogs exceptional family members, and I expect it of all of my puppies.  The
temperament, breed type and effortless movement found in our dogs is not only
recognized on the all-breed level, but more importantly the specialty level.  Our young
dogs have done very well and as you will see, most all of them have specialty wins.        
The depth of quality we have continued to develop speaks for itself.  It is not our goal to
breed a single dog who can achieve great things, but a kennel of dogs who have the
potential to reach new heights.  

They are my heart and my soul…and my most perfect gift.  ~ Dotti